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Happy Mondays again

June 19th 2023       Food, General News, Gusto, The Cadogan, The Crown, The Fox, The One Bull, Vino Gusto

In September 2021, our food pubs moved from a 7 day week to a 6 day week by closing on Monday at The One Bull, The Cadogan, The Crown and The Fox. A few weeks ago, we announced that Mondays are back at The Fox at Bulmer Tye and The Cadogan in Ingham. We have more good news as The One Bull will open on Mondays again from 2nd October. One of the reasons we moved to a 6 day week was so that our full time teams at those pubs could move to a 4 day week. In re-opening these pubs on Mondays, we’re sticking with that plan.

The good news doesn’t stop there though – with immediate effect our wine shop, Vino Gusto, at 27 Hatter St, Bury St Edmunds is also open on Mondays meaning you can now grab a bottle or two from us 7 days a week.

We hope this brightens up your Monday and look forward to welcoming you at our pubs and wine shop soon.



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