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May 17th 2018       General News

We’ve been focusing our energy on green matters in recent weeks. There’s no doubt that we all need to do more for the future of our planet and here at Gusto we’ve been looking hard at various ways in which we can play our part just that little bit more. We thought you might be interested to hear about the initiatives we’re putting in place. Some are already underway and some will take a bit longer to get up and running but we don’t like to hang about so rest assured they will all happen asap…


As you can imagine, we get through a lot of wine bottles every week thanks to all of our lovely customers. The Cadogan, The Beerhouse and The Crown have glass recycling facilities but this has always been a tricky issue at The One Bull. We’re thrilled to have found a solution in the form of a glassbuster which means that our empty bottles will travel down a chute from the bar into our lovely glassbuster to be crushed, compacted and then recycled. It’s clever stuff and if you’re interested, you can see how it will work here:

view the glassbuster video

paper, card & other recyclables

The Cadogan, The Beerhouse and The Crown have blue bins but we have no way of storing one at The One Bull – or we didn’t until we found the glassbuster. Adding this in will mean we finally have storage space for a blue bin at The One Bull which is brilliant news. We will also start asking you if you want a till receipt before we print it when you pay your bill.


Some of our sites have used LED bulbs for some time but we are now installing them across all the pubs wherever possible. We’re also looking to reduce energy wastage across the board.

soap & shower gel

We already refill our soap and shower gel bottles at The Cadogan. We will also look into refilling soap bottles at our other sites.

takeout cups

These have been in the news a lot recently and on our mind for a while. We’ve decided to go cold turkey on this – we have a small stock of cups left at each of the pubs but once they’re gone, they’re gone. We’re letting our takeout customers know about this and we will be more than happy to put your favourite coffee into your reusable cup to take away in future.

paper straws

There has been a lot of talk about paper straws in the press and media recently and we introduced paper straws to all our pubs some time ago. We don’t offer straws as standard but we always have them behind the bar so if you’d like one, just ask.


We have a herb garden at The Cadogan and grow 90% of the herbs we use in The Cadogan kitchen onsite.


We get through a lot of coffee grounds and generate a lot of vegetable peelings! The Cadogan are composting theirs in the garden and we hope that those from The Crown can be used in a community garden project in Hartest. Spent hops from Brewshed are already used on a local allotment.

electric charging point

We know that the number of electric cars is on the up and are looking at installing a charge point in the car park at The Cadogan for use by our guests.

thank you

And finally, a huge thank you to Matt at The Cadogan who has been responsible for managing this ongoing project so far. Matt is moving on from us to start a career in the police force shortly and we wish him all the very best with his new job…

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