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Wine tasting for our wine list

March 15th 2017       Gusto, The Cadogan, The Crown, The One Bull, Wine

Tuesday saw Becky, Naomi, Jack & Lucy sit down with Mr M, Neil from Bancroft Wines and a handful of carefully selected wine geeks to taste 45 new wines. We do this a couple of times a year and tweak our award winning wine list so that it stays fresh. We look at new wine trends, what’s popular on our existing list and we all score each of the wines we taste so it really is a team effort.

You won’t be surprised to hear that there was much sniffing and slurping but only a little spitting! If you’re familiar with our wine list then you’ll know that we love to offer something a little different in amongst your favourites and focus on offering value for money on what we feel are some really great wines.

You’ll be able to taste the fruits of our labours in a few weeks time – we know, it’s a hard life but we do it all for you…


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